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Casa Mia Changes


What’s New at Casa Mia

Yes, there are new faces at CASA MIA…..new menu items, new happy hour times. These things are all great news, but the greatest news of all is how it came about……through the blessings and collaboration of old friends!

Meet Michael Ferdenzi, new to some, old friend to many, Michael is a Jupiter staple when it comes to restaurants, Michael’s restaurant, Cheesburgers & More served the Jupiter community for 25 years with great success and incredible friendships. It was a meeting place for many and a family “playground” that allowed the kid’s to unwind and the parents to steal a moment while the kids were at play. Sadly, the COVID shutdown took its toll on the restaurant and it was forced to close.

Stefano, newly married and looking for ways to get more evenings and weekends at home with the new bride, saw this as an opportunity for two old friends to come together and make things happen for one another. So this brings us to where we are now, still the same great restaurant, still the same great food, just some new faces and a refreshed lunch menu which you can view by clicking here.

The excellent Casa Mia happy hour is now for 11:30 am – 7 pm daily and you can view the tase $5.95 Bar Bites here.

Casa Mia we are still is offering a full menu for pick up or delivery using Delivery Dudes or Bite Squad.

Get your order or reservation in now, call 561-972-6888 for your tasty Casa Mia Meal.

Our address is 337 E Indiantown Rd, Suite 10E, Jupiter, Florida, 33477 (in the Fresh Market Plaza).